Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Servers is Back

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Last year Microsoft announced that they will stop the "Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Servers" licenses and introduced "Microsoft Defender for Servers" that is licensed through an Azure Subscription. For our customers that already used "Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Servers" we can just keep using those licenses but for new customers we had to use "Microsoft Defender for Servers" through an Azure subscription and for some customers we started to migrate to the new solution.


Now recently we heard some romers that "Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for Servers" has returned, and it looks like that this is now a part of the "Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan2" license, but i can't find anywhere an official statement from Microsoft that it has returned.


Does anyone have more information about this and confirm that this is true?

The "Microsoft Defender for Endpoint plan 2" licenses are a lot cheaper than "Microsoft Defender for Server plan 2" so if this is true i think we will go back to the old methode.

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loook the link's

but, it's better open a ticket in the mcirosoft.

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