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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint for BYOD Devices

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I work in academia, students bring BYOD devices to access network resources. These BYOD devices are not domain joined computers however they connect to network (wired and WiFi) to access network resources. I am exploring if Defender for endpoint is a suitable solution for BYOD endpoint security/ EDR solution. Please guide if Defender for Endpoint can be used for BYOD security and provide information how I can implement Defender for Endpoint on BYOD.

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Sure you can use MDE for endpoint protection on BYOD devices. The challenge however will be that these are personal devices, and collecting a huge amount of information about what’s happening on personal devices might be a bit of a difficult area. From a security perspective it of course makes absolute sense, but since these are personal devices make sure that the student agrees to this type of data collection and cover it in any policies as needed.

Having said that, you can either onboard them using an onboarding package/script or you use the MDM solution of choice like Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

The thread originated with a question about devices and endpoint security solutions.  IT Admins with access to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center can have step-by-step guidance to set up and deploy Microsoft Defender for Endpoint using the deployment guide.

The guide detects settings in your tenant to provide you with tailored guidance.


Additionally, the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint deployment guide is used to view and configure features of additional devices and security as well as save time with automated investigation and response. 

Note: If you don't have Microsoft 365 admin permissions, open the guide in a test or POC tenant to get instructions.