Microsoft Defender for Endpoint - Agent inventory updates

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I'm new to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. Recently I enabled Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and onboarded test devices. In the device inventory on "Last Device update" there are (i) which states -

A device typically sends a full report every 24 hours.




Which means that for example I have security recommendations to resolve. I create and deploy policy to test workstation. And only after 24 hours I will see that recommendations is solved..?

Is there a way to enforce client to send reports immediately ?

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No, you will see those applied mitigations much faster. The device sends various data throughout the day, but not everything all the time as one big chunk. There used to be a setting to put a device in a "POC mode" (only for testing purposes) to expedite sending events - not sure this set of data would be part of it though.
Hello, thank you for the answer.