Microsoft Defender endpoint Devices not showing up in onboarding

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I have Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 subscription. I followed device onboarding guidelines and it's showing the device onboard in the registry but even after one day it's not showing in the Microsoft Defender portal.

Kindly help to sort it out.

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@ShoaibArain how are you onboarding? You can run the mde connection analyzer to check for connectivity to Defender cloud urls. 

@rahuljindal-MVP Thanks for your response.

I have tried both the local script and GPO method but device is not getting onboard on portal.

Where mde connection Analyzer available?

Would let you know once I get the result.








@ShoaibArain Thanks for sharing. I can straight away see there are some errors related to AV engine and intelligent updates. Have you tried updating the Defender on the device in question? You can run Update-MpSignature to force an update.

I have already started windows updates. Do I need to update Defender separately?
No harm in running the command I shared.
I don't see anything in your analyzer results that might produce this result, except maybe the Sense version warning. So definitely run the updates. Otherwise, check your event log under Applications/Microsoft/Windows/SENSE
Hi @rahuljindal-MVP
My devices started to show in the online portal after few days. thanks a lot for your help.
Thanks a lot. My devices started to appear in the portal after few days.