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I found a detailed overview of Microsoft Defender ATP with the different editions of Windows 10.   As a courtesy, I've added that overview as and attachment below.  


We're onboarding customers that still have older versions of Windows as well.  I'm wondering if anybody has experience running MD ATP on a patched Windows 7 device?   Or if a comparable matrix for legacy operating systems is available somewhere?   


This overviews rocks for Windows 10 !!!  I hope it helps you guys and hope somebody can help me as well. 




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@David De Vos David, I recently found out that you have to install Windows Security Essentials on your Win 7 devices in order to get them to work with Defender.  Give that a try. 

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@David De Vos thanks for the hint I googled new version of Windows 10 commercial edition comparison Intelligent Security pdf dated "Published April 2020 v1909" here


Your copy was "Published 2019.03.01 v1809"



Thanks for showing your Google search skills.  But the PDF you added included "less" information and it didn't help me at all?   The question I had was related to none Windows 10 versions.   The new version you find on google is 3 pages shorter when if you check? 


But again .. thanks for sharing & caring.

@David De Vos  I'm searching for the same thing. I assume you had no luck? 

@David De Vos the one shared by Sergg is our latest one. It's shorter because we collapsed some of the security sections that contained capabilities that were only in E5. 

@BenMurphyCyberCX  Unfortunately not ...

@Kasia Kaplinska  The essence here is that I wasn't looking for any information related to windows 10.  I was asking the same matrix based on Windows 7 SP1.  Appearantly a very hard question?  :)

@Sergg @Kasia Kaplinska 


How is this a response to the original question??   Did you actually read my question??


Funny thing ... 

David, there isn't a prebuilt matrix for MDATP & Windows 7.

MDATP itself is supported on W7, but Attack Surface Reduction is not
Microsoft Defender ATP is a unified endpoint security platform for preventative protection, post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response.