Microsoft Defender ATP Trial

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Hello everyone,


we requested for a Defender ATP trial for our tenant and for one of our clients two weeks ago. Can someone help us to start the trial? 

Thanks for your help



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What exactly do you mean with ‘start the trial’? You mean you requested the trial but it’s not been made available to you yet? If that’s the case I guess a support case to Microsoft might make sense.
yes, the trial has not been made available. And my posting was advised from an support case of the Microsoft 365 support.
Okay. Let’s see if anyone from Microsoft responds in that case. Don’t think there’s a way to force this any other way but perhaps someone else knows a way to do it.

@magusi16 Hi. We also requested this trial maybe a month ago. But i just got an email today. Wait for a little longer. It takes a long time sometimes before they approve it.