Microsoft Defender ATP Ninja Training: September 2020 update

Published Sep 16 2020 09:25 PM 12.1K Views

We are constantly keeping the Microsoft Defender ATP Ninja training up-to-date to include the latest content. If you want to refresh your knowledge and get updated, here is what has been added since the August update



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Module (ordered by roles SecOps & SecAdmin)

What's new

SecOps Intermediate:

Module 3. Next generation protection

SecOps Intermediate:

Module 6. Threat analytics


SecAdmin Fundamentals:

Module 2. Onboarding


SecAdmin Fundamentals:

Module 6. SIEM Integration


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@Heike Ritter where can we get the slides showing the zero to hero video?

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This is great content - it would be much more widely accessible if you could get it added to

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