Microsoft Defender ATP in Endpoint Security- Unavailable

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On my Endpoint Security window on Microsoft Defender ATP, the connection status is "unavailable". I checked defender ATP intune settings under and it is turned on already. Tried turning it off and on again after few minutes waiting, but the status is still the same. Has anyone come across such issues and found a fix for this?

My main concern is about applying the security baseline for defender ATP is not applying to any onboarded machine. My assumption is it is not happening due to the connectivity issues between defender ATP and intune. Please help



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Looks like I found the fix! :)


I disabled the Intune connection from Defender ATP admin center ( and waited for some time. Then went back to Endpoint security and clicked on Microsoft Defender ATP option. From there, I could see an option to delete the connector now and I deleted.



Then went back to security center and enabled intune again.


Back in Endpoint security, I was now able to set the connection again, and enable it.