MDE/Defender AV- Protection against Vulnerabilities CVE-2023-38545 & CVE-2023-38546

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Hi Team,

There has been recent Vulnerabilities came into picture related to curl which CVEs are CVE-2023-38545 & CVE-2023-38546.

Could you please let us know how we have being protected to these CVE with the help of MDE/Defender AV Solution.

Are the protections like signature/Hashes/Heuristic behavior are consider in latest AV signature.


Could you please enlighten us and guide us how we can protect against these CVEs with the help of  MDE/Defender AV Solution.



Sachin Kolekar



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@SachinKolekar you can use in the MDVM portal within MDE to check the weaknesses by filtering the CVE number and each vulnerability have the remediation steps and security recommendations to protect against it