MDE Conflicting Applications on Linux

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I have deployed MDE to linux servers.
Running a mdatp health shows a false healthy status and that there are conflicting applications.



Please help me out on that. The Conflicting-Applications has a value of 2449

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Do you have any other security software installed, that uses fanotify?
Something like Crowdstrike, Carbon Black, Mcafee or Trend Micro.




Hi Jonhed.

I have Bitdefender as well on the same device. I wanted to remove it when the health checks out
Looks like bitdefender also uses fanotify, so I would assume that is what the "Conflicting Applications" status means. If you want to make sure the best bet would be to ask MS support.
Did you try to set enforcement level to passive under configuration profile since you are already running third party AV?

That might indeed fix the health status.
However if he is planning to uninstall bitdefender after MDE shows as healthy,
it might not be of much use.

Thank you very much for the assistance.
That was definitely the issue.