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Now that Endpoint security portal is in GA, sharing my video on the configuration setup for MDATP


Hope to continue this with more such videos on MDATP. 

I would love to hear from the community. :)



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@Ambarish RH Hi there, for those of us that have extensive configuration profiles already in place, are there any benefits to recreating these in the Endpoint Security blade?


Will config profiles for these elements eventually be phased out?



@neilcarden When I checked few weeks ago with my Fast Track support team, they mentioned that the engineering team has no plans for now to automatically migrate the existing configuration profiles or phase that out in the near future.


I personally have started recreating those policies and testing with a small pilot group; I know its a pain. Its just that the new portal is very simple and straight forward.

@Ambarish RH please double-check the linked video. It has a title of "Office 365 Video Series Part 4 - Hybrid Azure AD" - are you sure this is the right one?

@Sergg Thanks a lot!


Fixed the link, thanks again

My second video on #MDATP training series Threat & Vulnerability Management (#TVM) is out now

@Ambarish RH  Nice video, thanks for sharing.  I think onboarding to Defender ATP seems daunting to a lot of customers but is really not that difficult, particularly on Windows 10.  Down level devices are a bit trickier.

@Ru Thanks a lot for the feedback. Onboarding is actually easy. I've made a video for that as well on the MDATP series. Haven't tried a down level machine yet.