MDATP for servers on Windows 10?

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I have a customer who is running quite a lot virtual Windows 10 VMs as "servers". He was hoping to be able to protect the virtual machines with "MDATP for servers" (device based licensing). According to our Microsoft partner contact, this is not possible as Windows 10 cannot be considered as a server. I understand that Windows 10 isn't a server operating system, but that doesn't change the fact that my customer is using the OS as server for several purposes. Can I consider "MDATP for servers" as a "device based licensing" which can be applied to the mentioned VMs or is "MDATP for servers" strictly for server operating systems? If possible, can the customer then also use the "MDATP for servers" for shared Windows 10 client computers, or will he have to license the shared Windows 10 installation with MDATP for each and every individual user logging on to the computer?


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