Licensing and Where's the Endpoint List?

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I recently moved some users on E5 licenses so we could see about using Endpoint Defender in place of our current endpoint AV. The license description says ED is included in E5. But I cannot find the list of those users' endpoints anywhere. The MS documentation is an endless circle of waffle.

Documentation suggests I should have a Device Inventory in the new Security admin console, but I have none. It seems to want me to start a trial of an additional service even though it's supposed to be included with E5. The only place I can find anything likely is with the Intune (bleah) console. We dropped Intune 5 years ago as it was very very poor.

I'd be grateful if anyone can say:

- Is Intune needed for ED?
- Where can I see a list of endpoints and status?
- Do I really need an additional service on top of the E5 licenses?  

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Even with E5, you'll need to onboard the endpoints into Defender before they'll show up in the Inventory list.

@CAndersonBrouse Thank you now I see. They lost me at the word Intune though :0) I'll look again in a couple of years.