licence for Defendre for endpoint

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Here I am a little confused concerning the license for the use defendre for the endpoints
we have 400 license Microsoft 365 A3 for faculty and 10 Microsoft 365 A3 for faculty
and 5000 Microsoft 365 A5 for students use benefit

my question:
Do I have to acquire for example 400 A5 license to allow users to use defender or just 1 A5 license for service activation and users with their A3 for faculty can integrate defender ?? and for the students how it works, because I have labs with shared computers ??


and Thank you

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Assuming that you want the full MDE functionality (P2, not P1), you will need an E5 license or a standalone MDE license for every user(faculty) that will use the computers.
So in other words, you will need to get licenses for those 400 (410?) users.

As for the students, you don't need any special kind of license for shared devices.
If all students have an E5 license assigned, they can use any shared device they want, as long as they don't login to more than 5 devices simultaneously.

Client devices that are onboarded to MDE are not linked to a specific user, unlike Intune where any one device can be linked to a single user only.