Impossible to send email with a domain

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Since 3 weeks the mails containing some urls are considered as phishing. It's linked to the URL detonation reputation. Currently we released some emails but it's not a solution and many customers complaints. The information is sent to Microsoft  to remove false positive but it does not seem to work.

How we can improve reputation ? DMARK, SPF et DKIM are well configured




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I have encountered this same behavior before, where a hyperlink gets flagged as bad, and it gets really bad if it is included inside the signature of the user on all default outbound mails. The only way I have seen to resolve this issue is to open a support case with Microsoft and tell them to reconsider their treatment of that URL so that they can consider it safe.

@Olivier34000 Unfortunately so far Microsoft is only allowing any people (properly identified with an MS account or even not so, then as much simpler guests) to 'Report unsafe site' for Phishing or 'Malware or other threats'. But from that same page I've already provided them (I mean MS side) some feedback about asking them to possibly consider in future also another option to even allow end users (and so obviously also their own customers) to propose their objections to something that might even be incorrectly identified as Phishing or 'Malware or other threats' related because those are currently the only 2 main possible identification categories allowed.

JFYI since there are already other known '3rd parties' that allow even end users to dispute already existing URLs being negatively tracked also because of detection made by their own 'free software(and I've already had the chance to directly object/dispute some of such detections that I found to be wrong) I also already made them aware too accordingly. So for now let's just hope that also continuing to do so (I mean providing feedback from same 'Report unsafe site' page), in addition to also following previous suggestion you already received, might further help to better evolve things in future and maybe even help you to solve your issue. 0:-)

P.S. My above reporting of 1 3rd party I'm already aware of, and of their related free software, is only meant here for others simpler awareness and does not represent, by my side, any other specific endorsement or even suggestion to evaluate such products. :o 0:-) 

The issue was resolved with the Microsoft support.