How to turn off Defender for one divice in Microsoft 365 Defender.

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I work in a company as an IT specialist and occasionally have this problem. We manage our security from Microsoft 365 Defender portal and all devices are enrolled in Intune. So there's no possibility for the users to turn off their Defender, but I'm still unsure how to turn it off in the portal either. The thing is that I need to install a new version of Virtual Box on one particular machine, but Defender is preventing it. All I need is just to turn the Defender off for a brief time. The only option in Microsoft 365 Defender is to exclude the device, but it didn't help at all. The Defender was still running on that device and I still couldn't turn it off.

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I don't think there is a way to turn off everything other than offboarding the device. There is a troubleshooting mode which will allow a local administrator to toggle off features, but only for 2 hours at a time (I think). For your issue, applying exclusions might be the way to go.


Thank you, but it didn't work either. Eventually, I had to create a new policy group in Intute and set the particular folder as an exception for Defender.