Guidance on specifying the day for a scan or keeping it randomized

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We're configuring scanning options and can't find much guidance on this option:

"Specify the day of the week to run a scheduled scan"


The options are:

1. To specify the day

2. Never


Although I don't think it's obvious, I think this references how often a full scan should be run. That being the case, is the common approach to avoid full scans due to how long they take?



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I'll be interested to see what others say. AFAIK orgs try to schedule them in a relatively dead time in the schedule. I don't think the scans take that long, but there can be a performance impact so people try to avoid running them during peak usage.

Use the quick scan, according to the book microsoft defender for endpoint and one of the best alternatives, because when the computer already performs the scan once complete, the quick scan only maps the items that did not pass to full.

Maybe set 1 per month to complete and 1 to fast weekly.

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