External data in MDE advanced hunting

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is it possible to reference external data, such as in Azure storage or data service, inside an MDE advanced hunting query?

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Yes that is an option. you will want to use the External Data operator.

Here is an example of how it will work.
let AsrDescriptionTable = externaldata (RuleDescription:string, RuleGuid:string)
| where ActionType startswith "Asr" and InitiatingProcessFileName endswith ".exe"
| extend RuleGuid = tolower(tostring(parsejson(AdditionalFields).RuleId))
| extend AuditMode = parse_json(AdditionalFields).IsAudit
| join kind = leftouter (AsrDescriptionTable | project RuleGuid = tolower(RuleGuid), RuleDescription) on RuleGuid
| summarize count() by tostring(AuditMode), RuleDescription, ActionType
Thanks! I thought I had tried this before to no avail, but it works so far. Now I need to figure out how to use this to reference data in our Azure storage hub. Baby steps.