Did Microsoft just release Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management to all tenants?

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Today I was looking around my MDE console and when I went to investigate a device I noticed that I could view additional TVM tabs such as:

Security baselines assessment

Block vulnerable applications

Browser extensions

Digital certificate assessment


I quickly remembered reading about Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management a few months back but it was at an additional cost for either the standalone or the add-on to E5.


After checking multiple MDE consoles, it has become clear that I can view these additional features on all tenants. Some with Public Preview enabled and some without. After reading up on it here, I can confirm I did not 'Visit Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management Add-on Public Preview Trial.'


Can anyone else confirm if they can view the additional MDVM tabs and if so, have you signed up for it?


Did Microsoft activate a 120-day trial on multiple customer tenants?


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As recently announced, Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management (MDVM) add-on capabilities for servers are now included in the Defender for Servers P2 (DfS P2) license.

This means that any customer with a DfS P2 license will see MDVM add-on features light up in their tenant.

In other words, no trial was activated.

While the DfS P2 licensing is only related to servers, there is currently no granular filtering of machines, meaning that the capabilities are currently exposed for both clients and servers in the M365D portal. This is expected to be mitigated in the near future, in a way where a tenant with only DfS P2 licenses will be able to use the MDVM add-on capabilities just for servers.