Device inventory endpoint and Microsoft Defender Antivirus endpoint count is getting differ

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I just want to know how many devices are in my environment using Microsoft 365 Defender so, I cross verified using Microsoft Defender Antivirus health count and Device inventory some devices are active but it is not listed in Microsoft Defender Antivirus health. I don't know the reason for this cause could someone help me please?

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Kapildev Chandrasekaran

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Stating the obvious, but are the devices in question targeted for Defender AV policies? Are they checking in?
Then the next logical thing will be to check what is going on the devices in question. Check if the Intune AV policy is assigning or not. Try to establish what is different from the other devices. Alternatively, open a case with MS. This may require a deep dive.
Thanks much for your help @rahuljindal-MVP. I will check and open a case with MS.
There are many different reports in the Microsoft ecosystem that provide inconsistent counts of items. I have had many similar experiences over the years and it can be tremendously frustrating and time consuming to resolve. There are a many different subtle differences in the formulas used and the documentation can be interpreted in a variety of ways by different people. Good luck getting it resolved.