Delete scheduled scans on Mac running MDE

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I was able to successfully deploy defender scans using the mdatp CLI tool. I originally set it to run a quick scan every hour, but that was for testing purposes. I then updated the script to run once a day at noon, which worked. The hourly scans are still going through and I would like to remove them. Does anyone have guidance on how to do so?



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You can either use the CLI to remove it or delete the .plist file under launchdaemon
Thanks for the quick response. I can't seem to find the CLI command to remove them. Can you point me in the right direciton?
When you updated the bash script, did you create a new one or updated the existing? Generally the existing .plist should just update. For deletion you can try the following in cli - “find . -name "xxxx.plist" -exec rm -v {} \;”