Defender icon on System Tray


I’d like confirmation that the Defender service can’t be displayed in the System Tray in Server 2019 (or in any other OS that has native Defender hooks for that matter). If there is some reason it has been decided that the icon won’t be displayed - I’d like to understand why and or I’d like to see if this issue can be added to a bug/enhancement track.

It has more to do with what they are used to seeing (competitor products) and the job separation that exists in the organization… meaning the people that administer the servers and are responsible for services on the box, aren’t the application owners that would log in to perform their daily job and question whether or not the system is running the necessary protections (again… based on what they are used to seeing). The icon simply gives an easy user level representation. I would agree that all services/OS components don’t need to be available in the system tray… but this is one that most everyone that runs AV/EDR is used to seeing in the sy

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