Defender for macOS - DLP does not survive computer restarts

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With six test Macs testing Defender for macOS and with DLP enabled, we are seeing that when a Mac restarts that DLP does not survive.


For example, an output from command "mdatp health --details data_loss_prevention" will show status as "active" or "ready" and all other fields as "true" with a UPN reference.  Then restart the Mac and the output will show status as "disabled". Restart the Mac again and it may or may not revert back to an "active" or "ready" status. For the life of me, I do not understand this at all. 


Reinstalling Defender, removing and applying configuration profiles does nothing to change this. 


The macs are all Apple Silicon, macOS 14.4 or greater. 


I'm at a loss and need any informed suggestions. 





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