Defender for endpoint - Tenant Migration

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Hi All,


We have Defender for Endpoint enabled in old tenant and all the Windows devices are on boarded successfully.


Now we are performing tenant migration and testing the machines configuring to new tenant where new ATP service is enabled. Seems the onboarding via local script is ok in new tenant.


But when we try to perform it via Intune, it doesn't reflect and shows pending for Endpoint detection policy. Is there any conflict with old tenant since we off boarded long before.


Is there anything i need to verify to migrate from old tenant to new tenant defender for endpoint services. Please advice

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@SanakPratap Hi,

First of all, how do you mean with tenant migration? 

Have you set up a whole new O365/Azure tenant and a new portal for Defender for Endpoint / Microsoft 365 Defender, or do you mean migrating devices to the new M365 Defender portal?


If a complete new tenant, have you setup your machine's to offboard your previous AAD / Intune, and rejoin to the new AAD / Intune?