Defender for Endpoint Licensing Confusion

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I have a query that is a bit confusing and would like to have a clear answer,

Based on the above link Defender for Endpoint P2 License Supports Windows Server OS's. However this does not indicate any limits to this in the link


However in a different link it is mentioned that The standalone versions of Defender for Endpoint Plan 1 and Plan 2, even when they are included as part of other Microsoft 365 plans, do not include server licenses. To onboard servers to those plans, you'll need Defender for Servers Plan 1 or Plan 2 as part of the Defender for Cloud offering


Which one is true exactly? So if i want to onboard servers to Defender for Endpoint i would need Defender for Cloud?


Appreciate some advice on this




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There is no longer a Stabdalone license for new customers. For servers, Defender for Cloud is now necessary. Whoever made this decision did not do so for the interests of the customers: