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Defender for Endpoint in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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I can see that in the Defender for Cloud and Azure Arc documentation that EDR can be deployed to both AWS and GCP cloud services but have not found anything that documents deploying EDR to OCI.  I understand you can use FastConnect on your Oracle tenant and ExpressRoute on Azure to connect the two clouds virtually but no method to then deploy EDR to say an Oracle backend database in OCI.


Has anyone any experience of this?  MSFT do you have a view?



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@rob_wood_8894  Have you by chance had any response to this or found any insight?  We're embarking down the exact same path and have the exact same question.  John Ramsey, CISO at NSC

Argh. This is what we've found so far:

We have to have EDR on our stuff or we won't pass compliance requirements. We're going to do a best practice of these three and do extensive testing. We're about 60 days out though.

Hi John,
Maybe able to advise you sooner, we are aware that our client has progressed the onboarding of MDE to the clients running Oracle Linux in the Oracle Cloud. Will let you know!

Hi John,
Please feel free to reach out to me at email address removed for privacy reasons
Thanks! I think I got it and sent you an email as well.