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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Defender for Endpoint devices not showing up in security Portal

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Hi All,


I am just starting to roll out Defender for endpoint within my organisation. The majority of machines are hybrid Azure AD joined using a GPO. I have been able to get the PC's to register in the devices view in Endpoint Security dashboard however, they never show up in the devices view in the security dashboard. I am really confused about these two particular areas for administration. One seems to relate to intune but has the ability to rollout out defender for endpoint then in the other panel ( there are other settings in there like turning on EDR etc. Is there any documentation anywhere to explain why there are two places and how they link? I manage two other companies and they have been set up the same. Their PC's show in both places however for this one company, the devices never appear in the security portal so i cannot see if there are any problems etc.






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Think of it as the Management Plane vs the Security/Response plane. All your Security Configs need to happen in GPO/SCCM/Intune then some of the EDR advanced features/all of the response happens in the Security plane.

This PDF is probably best at describing the connection.

When you onboard a device to the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint service for management, verifying the device has been added to the service successfully is a critical step in the entire deployment process. For this, I will recommend taking a look at the deployment guide Microsoft has created for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. The guide covers various deployment methods that will match with your org’s current configuration and deployment tools. 


1) Goto 

2) Select Endpoint and wait here for 5 minutes




3) then refres the browser - Select Setting- and you will find it