Defender consumption at endpoint

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I would like to know the average consumption of memory (RAM, CPU), required space, processor, processor resources for endpoints in the defender execution.

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This question is almost impossible to answer. There are so many options and different configurations that affect the outcome.

@YairVC I agree with jbmartin6 on this one. No one can give you exact amounts, but I think it's helpful to look to general operation consumptions. 

Allow me to elaborate a bit here. 

In my experience,

Defender uses an average amount of RAM roughly 100MB, this can swing wildly depending on architecture and data sizes. 

CPU use is usually around 5%-10%, but if Defender is mitigating a threat or scanning then 20%-30%. 

Disk space is sufficient with a few GBs.

These are general observations just to point you in the right direction. Again jbmartin6 is correct if you need exact numbers.