Defender ATP Sensor Versions

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Hi MDATP Team.

I am trying to find information on Defender ATP sensor updates (mssense.exe). I thought the sensor is only upgraded with new functionality when Windows 10 feature updates are installed twice a year. Looking at some of our systems, the sensor is updated with cumulative updates as well.


Is there a single resource with information related to versions and functionality other than the Windows 10 Release notes that mention Defender ATP updates?


Or is there anything we can view in the Defender ATP portal or by using Power BI specific to the sensor versions in use.



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just curious what you would do if you had that information? or are you just curious what features are changing with each update?

@Joe Stocker Both curious around feature updates and also to ensure we are running with supported sensors to meet SLAs.

I have also found that not all versions of Windows 10 have specific updates to  Defender ATP.

The last one with ATP specific info was 1903.


Nothing mentioned in 2004  or 1909


But I found a monthly breakdown of improvements to Defender ATP with Windows 10 2004 on this link.


Not all updates related to a sensor update but not called out specifically either.