Defender ATP PowerBI reports in Advanced features (preview)

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Hi All, I'm trying to create a Defender ATP Dashboard for PowerBI from the Defender ATP Security Center portal or directly from PowerBI portal, as described here (I have assigned to my Azure account a PowerBI Pro license).

In the first case nothing happens after redirection to PowerBI portal.

In the second case no result are found for Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection app (neither Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection).


Are this faeture still available?




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@DavideBI have the same issue. The option in Microsoft Defender Security Center (PowerBI Reports) just redirects to a PowerBI Get Data page ( There is no option to create a Microsoft Defender PowerBI Dashboard.

There used to be an app, but that has disappeared somehow:



The link shows that this option is deprecated and that you should use Microsoft Defender ATP APIs now. However, this procedure seems to be far more complex and it looks like PowerBI Desktop is mandatory ;-( 

Thank you @Gertjan Jongeneel, clearly the documentation page has been updated recently.