Defender and Java uninstallation

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These are the things I tried

 Step 1 - I ran a PowerShell script to find the existing version of Java installed on my machine and it came up with this list. So, it says that I have 3 versions of Java.


Computer    Java Version                        


COMPUTER-0301 {8.0.3410.10, 6.0.450.6, 7.0.800.15}

COMPUTER-0301 {8.0.3410.10, 6.0.450.6, 7.0.800.15}

COMPUTER-0301 {8.0.3410.10, 6.0.450.6, 7.0.800.15}


The ones marked in bold are the ones that should be removed as the 8.0.3410.10 should stay. As, this is a newer version, and it is safe. (The program I wrote will keep 8.0.3410.10 version and will remove all the other versions).


Step 2 - I tried going through control panel\uninstall programs and I could not find any Java versions installed. So, I ran my script to uninstall all versions except 341 and it came back with none and there was no Java.


Step 3 - So, I manually downloaded the Java uninstall tool (JavaUninstallTool.exe) from Oracle and ran that and it said there is no Java on this computer. The message I got was No versions of Java detected.


Step 4 - I ran a registry check to see whether there is any JAVA uninstall key that is left behind and it came back with this for version 8.0.3410.10




But for the other 2 versions I did not get anything in the registry key. So, now in the case of 8.0.3410.10 it has a trace of the registry key under the uninstall section, which may be the one that might be flagging as Java being present, which I am not sure.

Why is that the Java folders are being seen under Program files even thought it was uninstalled?

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java


Why would Microsoft Defender flag that these older versions are present when they are not in the Control Panel and only I see that they are here in the Program Files folder\Java?

Any suggestions or thoughts please? Appreciate your response and thank you ahead of time.

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