Custom Indicator is not working with Chrome browser

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Hi All,


I have created a custom indicator in defender for endpoint to block, but it is not working with chrome properly. it is working fine in Edge. 


I have already enabled the network protection via Intune as well and Windows accounts and Defender Browser Protection extensions have been added to he Chrome. Further, Custom indicator setting has been enabled in defender for endpoint advanced settings.


However, it will be visible the notification on the right hand side when visit the web page even though can be accessed the page properly.


appreciate the help.


















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what if you change the indicator to just "" instead of "".
I am thinking that the indicator you have there is classed as a "full path" indicator, which does not work on third party browsers, as opposed to a domain indicator.
(though, it does feel weird that the notification is shown)
Thank you very much for the reply. I will check and get back on this.
I had the same issue with this custom indicators, works fine on Microsoft Edge but not working on Google Chrome.
Tried to uninstall any 3rd party antivirus, it worked for me.
I have reset the cache on the Chrome browser and it is working now.
I do have similar issues, and I troubleshooted all the above areas. Any other suggestion that may help for me to try ?