Confused about Microsoft Defender on Different Subscriptions

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I am confused about Microsoft Defender in the Different MS 365 Subscriptions

1) Is the Core Microsoft Defender app in all the subscriptions the same product and does it offer exactly the same functionality? e.g What's the difference between the builtin Windows Defender AV in Windows 10 and the Defender offered in MS365 Business Premium or Defender ATP subscription?
2) Is there a difference in the Defender offering in MS 365 Business Premium and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint? Can I install it on other devices such as my mobile phone? I have noticed that in one offering I can access it via:

Basically I am looking for a full Solution for SMBs which include antivirus software.


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Windows Defender Antivirus is free and included with all Windows 10.

Windows Defender for Endpoint (formerly Defender ATP) is part of Windows 10 Enterprise, M365 E5, E5 Security, or standalone licensing. It's an EDR solution - think of it as what takes place after traditional antivirus, for less obvious attacks or post-incident investigation and response.

In M365 Business Premium, you get Defender Antivirus for Windows 10 on Intune managed devices. I haven't checked recently, but there was an announcement that threats etc. discovered on Business Premium licensed devices would report back to the M365 Admin Centre (it never used to do this).