Application Guard in Edge and Web Filtering

Hi, just in the process of testing Application Guard for Edge. I have whitelisted some sites namely M365 related ones and BBC Etc. These open in a standard Edge session, going to any other site opens in Application Guard session. So that’s as intended.
However any sites we currently have blocked via Web Filtering in ATP are shifted to Application Guard session as not whitelisted, but bypass the web content filtering so the blocked sites are no longer blocked.
Is there any way around this? How can we apply the web content filtering to the Application Guard session?
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I am experiencing the same issue here.
Created a case for it --> works as designed ...

It is not because Pornhub doesn't put malware on your computer, my users should be able to visit this website. Web content filtering should also work within WDAG.

Only solution I can think of at this moment is to use an external proxy with web content filtering, wich can be configured for WDAG. This would be a step back in our journey to a modern managed endpoint.

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