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What does the Antivirus status mean? Basically every OS that's not Windows 10 says "Not supported"

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@rbenson09Where do you see this message? Could you please share a screenshot?

@Ambarish RH It is one of the fields in the Excel spreadsheet when you export the Device Inventory (not sure why its not a field in Security Center).

We are seeing this for onboarded servers especially. Anyone knows why this is?
OSs are WindowsServer2019 and 2016


Where do you see this message in the Windows Server?

Please reply back to this post and add screenshot (make sure hide personal data and information).

@MischaRohlederCW If you open filters and hover over Antivirus status, it states that it is only for Windows 10 



Did you found why you got that?
We get the same results.
It's just that this column only applies to Win10. Not sure why MSFT is unable to collect this information on other OS versions. Hopefully this changes one day. See screenshot above!