AmsiScriptContent not under DeviceEvents table? MITRE Eval 2022

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I was going through the MITRE eval results for 2022.


One of the queries for script executions is documented as a DeviceEvent table search for ActionType "AmsiScriptContent". Looks like a very useful log source.


However, I was not able to replicate this query in my own environment. There is 0 results for "AmsiScriptContent" anywhere in the schema or online.


Would be grateful if anyone can confirm they are able to replicate this query or not. 





  1. Command and Scripting Interpreter (T1059) 
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I also get 0 results. Perhaps this event only registers when AMSI tags something
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Scratch that. The ActionType is now just 'ScriptContent'

Under which table? DeviceEvents? Update: You nailed it. It is indeed changed to ScriptContent ActionType under DeviceEvents Table.

It is not documented in the schema though... :happyface: