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I was testing if I was able to detect various PowerShell Commands in the Advanced Hunting and this was the result:


Via Windows Powershell CommandLine I executed:

(Invoke-Webrequest -Uri "").Content
Invoke-Expression -Command "(Invoke-Webrequest -Uri `"`").Content"

The same I executed via the cmd.exe ->calling powershell > same requests


Within the Advanced Query Page I have:

| where ActionType == "PowerShellCommand"
| extend PowershellCommand=extractjson("$.Command", AdditionalFields, typeof(string))
| where PowershellCommand startswith "Invoke-WebRequest"


InitiatingProcessFolderPath:  "c:\windows\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe"
InitiatingProcessCommandLine:  "powershell.exe"
AdditionalFields, Command Key: "Invoke-WebRequest"

I cannot find any information what the Parameters of the Invoke-* Methods have been. Meaning I only see that there was a Invoke-WebRequest and Invoke-Expression Command executed, but I cannot see with which parameters,  respectively, I dont see the -Uri Parameter (-Uri "").Content) Information. 


Is this work as designed or is there a configuration to be enabled in order to see the full powershell command line?


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You will need to enable Powershell script block logging via GPO to see the full commands that were run



Did you ever find a solution to this? 

this is because the actiontype is detected after the command successfully executed not while its being called.
Try the below, as a workaround, you might need to filter based on events , but power shell which has a invoke web request needs to be checked.

| where FileName =~ "powershell.exe" or InitiatingProcessFileName =~"powershell.exe"
| where ProcessCommandLine has_any ("Invoke-WebRequest", "Invoke-Expression", "uri")