add a designated device group to the device group - Webcontrol Filter Windows Defender

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My situation is that I have 1000 devices, I want to add 50 devices with different computer names to the group to use the website blocking feature and web control filter - indicators, but when I add it, I wait more than 01 days the number of devices is still 0. Let me ask:
- How can the group update the adjusted devices?



- I have a list of different computer names, why can't I add them because I'm adding them with the condition or limited to 10 lines



tks so much

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You can only add 10 entries per field. If you have a list of devices then consider tagging them and then populate the group using the tag. There are multiple ways to tag. You can use Defender device tagging or if you are managing devices using Intune, then you can tag that way.