Active Malware Status - PC Clean?

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Bit of an odd one, we had a PC that was infected with malware after the user downloaded some dodgy app.  We have since run a full scan on the PC and removed the malware, follow up full scans confirm that there are no infections.  However the dashboard is still showing this PC has active threats, it has been over 48 hours since the clean was done.  Is there some other step we need to do to clear the status?


Any help gratefully received.


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Hi @Rob Clarke 


Just checking if new alerts being generated or do the old ones need to be resolved?


Defender wont automatically resolve alerts within the dashboard unless you resolve them or Defender AIR does it for you


If it is generating new alerts, perform an isolate and full scan across that device to kill off whatever it is


Apologies for the late response. Just to close this one off, although the first full scan had successfully removed the infection we had to run a second full scan before the dashboard would update correctly.