We have configured a zScaler NSS server but we are not receiving any logs to MCAS.

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Hi Team,


We have reconfigured NSS server and there is no error in Zscalar application tab.


But in MCAS data source still its showing old date please find the below screenshot.




And please let know whether we need to remove the old API token in MCAS or we need to rebuild the NSS data source in MCAS.


Please advice.



Harish Kumar N

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If you aren't seeing data in MDCA it's recommended to check the ZScaler logs as well, this can often provide some context if it's an issue with the token or something else that's networking related. If the user who originally generated the token recently had PIM enabled this could also be part a possible issue as well.

If you do continue to see errors after checking these items please go ahead and open up a support ticket.