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Dec 06 2023, 07:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)
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Trigger Logic App does not list any Logic Apps

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I'm trying to use the preview feature Trigger Logic App in an Azure Security center alert but the dropdownbox does not list any of my logic apps:



I've created a Logic App as in the documentation and generated a test alert using the EICAR test file on a Linux machine but I cannot select any of my Logic apps.

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Hi @WouterStinkens, can you tell us more about your environment so that we can help you troubleshoot this?

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Thanks @WouterStinkens for reaching out.


This is a known issue in the experience where Logic Apps with the trigger mentioned in the docs won't be shown in the selector, as you have experienced:




The selector currently shows only logic apps with the legacy trigger:




We plan to fix this with priority so Logic Apps with any supporting trigger will be shown in the selector.


The 2nd trigger mentioned above is a legacy trigger that will still be supported going forward, but do refrain from using it as it will not be maintained going forward and it is not supported in workflow automation scenarios.



Apologies for the inconvenience and I'll reply on this thread when issue is resolved,


Yoav Francis,

Senior Program Manager

Azure Security Center






Create Logic App manually and add Automation account as one of API connections, it will show at that point. Bug which needs to be fixed

@WouterStinkens Did you get this resolved?  I'm also having the same issue where the drop-down for Logic App name is empty.  




@AlexB024 @WouterStinkens  We've released an update to the experience that should resolve the previously mentioned issues. Could you please try again and share if this is now working properly for you?





Works now. Thank you!