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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Trial for MCAS

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My client has EM+S E3, it is my understanding that there is a trial version of MCAS, but when I look at the Purchase Services page in the M365 Admin Center, i don't see it. I just see trials for AIP P1,  O365 ATP P1, Intune Device. Does anyone know if that Trial program was cancelled?
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Hi, with EM+S E3, the ability to add MCAS is an add-on so you would find it there.  Not certain if you can get it as a trial, but that is where it resides I believe.

Thanks, I had actually found that same link after I posted this questions. Its weird that its not available in the M365 Admin Center like all of the other trials are. 

 @Ryan Heffernan do you know where I can get information about the MCAS trial period and limitations?

@Dean_Gross It used to be in Products and you select a trial versus purchase. Not sure why it was removed. It's full featured.  I have used the trial several times to ramp up customers on it to show how valuable MCAS is.

thanks, do you remember how long the trial period lasted? what happens if they don't make a purchase?


I have tried E5 trial which gives me 3 months I guess,  as far as I can remember you can extend as well.  That's how I  get MCAS to test, actually it gives you a lot of features to protect your data. The main issue I don't like is when you alloy label using MCAS you cannot open the document online. 


90 days and has a one time extension by adding or associated with credit card on file. If they don't want to purchase, make sure to turn off any settings prior to the trial ending and deprovisioning.  I have run into issues with settings and configurations left in place still work even through the trial has expired and no user is licensed. Had to purchase a license to fire the service back up so I could turn off or clear settings.