transfer MCAS settings from tenant to tenant and bulk set alert with email on policies

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I work for a managed IT services provider and we already have a set of policies we choose to enable for email alerts and a few we create, set for email alerts and remediation based on the templates provided out of the box.

With every new client, I have to configure this from scratch which is quite time consuming. So my questions are:

1. Is there a way to bulk select policies and configure alert with email? similar to how you manage email accounts; you can bulk edit to add contact information. 

2. Even better, is there a way to export the MCAS settings from one tenant and import it to another tenant? 


MCAS is a great tool but with more out of the box policies and templates being added, it's becoming very time consuming to click on each policy and configure. Hope the above options are available but I'm just not aware of it

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Unfortunately, there is no way to do this today.