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What are the support options for the Cloud App Security product?  I have identified what appears to be a bug in the Activity filtering that I have no way of reporting without opening a per-incident case.  Is there no support included in the product license?

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Hi Philip,

you have an option of opening a support ticket by pressing the "?" at the top right and selecting support, the incidents you open there are included with the CAS license.

Another option you have is to submit feedback via the Smiley icon at the same place, it reaches the product group.






How sure are you on this?  I just tried to open a support case by pressing on the "?" at the top right while logged into the CAS portal and I can't seem to get a case started without a per-incident fee.




What am I doing wrong?



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@Philip Kluss Its a bug, can you try opening it via the Azure portal?


Thanks Dima.  That route didn't occur to me but I was indeed able to get a case started through the Azure portal.  Hopefully they'll fix the link on the "?" button in the CAS portal soon.