Secure Score calculation using REST API

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Hi, we are building a Power BI report to report on Defender for Cloud secure scores across multi-tenants (we are a MSP). We are comparing our results with the dashboard and would are seeking clarification on:

  1. How can we tell if a Recommendation is flagged as preview from API data? (Security posture for Microsoft Defender for Cloud | Microsoft Docs)
  2. What indicates that a Control or Recommendation is Active? (Active items next tot the Secure Score in the Azure portal)
  3. In the Assessment (Assessments - Get - REST API (Azure Defender for Cloud) | Microsoft Docs) we can identify the Source as AWS, but how do we get the Defender for Cloud calculated secure score for non-Azure sources (such as AWS) -  Secure Scores - Get - REST API (Azure Defender for Cloud) | Microsoft Docs
  4. How do we tell that a Recommendation is scored by the Secure Score (Secure Score recommendations vs All recommendations) on the Azure portal?



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