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Remove a Collaborator Governance Action is not working

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Hi Community,


I created a File Policy with a Governance Action to remove a specific user as a collaborator but it does not take effect. Scenario:

1. Create a File Policy that matches all files in OneDrive and SharePoint that has an access level of external and has collaborator

2. Configure Governance Action to remove the collaborator .

3. I can see alert for all the files that has matched the policy.

4. When I click on "View policy matches" > History I can see Actions --- Remove a collaborator is applied to those documents.

5. When I go to Investigate > Files and filter for all documents with collaborator I can still see those documents with the collaborator on it.


I have been waiting 2 days for the policy to take effect. 


Hope someone can enlighten me on this.


Thank you!

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Hi, I just tested this scenario, and it looks like the policy does not automatically remove the collaborator.  In my test, I had to highlight one of the files, go to actions, and then select Remove a collaborator as shown below;


Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 18.29.57.png


This succeeded in removing the collaborator from the file.  Not a specific scenario of CAS I have tried before, but it looks to me like this may be the intended behaviour - IE, the policy matches and Investigate Files will show you the external collaborators - but then you have to explicitly remove the access.

@PeterRising thank you for your response!


We are intending to do this to remove the permissions to external users. I believe that Governance Action should be a real time action once an activity has matched that policy.


Should this be automated?



Yes I agree that it should be automated as per the guidelines in the link you provided.  Thus far, I cannot get it to automate the removal of a collaborator though - the same as you are facing.


What do you see if you click the cog wheel and select Governance log?


Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 10.18.30.png



The Governance action for removing Collaborator is not listed there. But I can see the alert has been triggered.



I'm working on this some more but have not succeeded in generating automated governance as yet.  I will let you know if I figure this out.



In my continued testing, I cannot get automated governance to take the action to remove the collaborator.  However, if I change the action to Remove External users, it works, and removes all external users.


Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 10.49.35.png


Weird that it does not do the same for collaborator though. I may open a ticket with Microsoft about this and see what response I get.

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Thank you for all the testing!


Raised this to MS Support and according to them it only works if the user has been added as a Direct Access not a shared link or the usual sharing that we do where we specify a specific user when sharing.


I really hope Microsoft would also support the remove collaboration when using the usual sharing.



Hi Mary, thank you for this information.  This is really handy to know.  I agree that this functionality is not ideal.  I have logged with Microsoft myself.  I am sure they will tell me the same thing.  I will let you know if otherwise.  :smile:



Ha, MS support actually referred me back to this post.  :lol:


Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 12.11.33.png


I guess we have our answer on this.

Thank you for the help @PeterRising :lol: