Regulatory Compliance - download report: notApplicableReason

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Looking over the Compliance report, I see various reasons under the "notApplicableReason" but I'm not sure where those comments are coming from.  There is no exemption created for the "unhealthy" findings so is this some type of default entry?  I don't see this in the documentation.  Our customer is wanting to edit the reasons but not sure where or how this is done.  






Please let me know if any additional information is needed.



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It is means the VMs are not protected by This error message is related to Azure Defender for Servers. Can you please check if Azure defender for server is enabled on those VMs
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Hello, thank you for your response but perhaps I did not explain myself well.  

From Defender for Cloud > Regulatory Compliance > Download Report.

When you open the report in Excel and enable Filter, you will see from the dropdown menu several options.  Where to these options come from?  I would imagine Exempt/Mitigate should appear for reason but what about the other options.  I hope this helps explain my question, if you need more info, please let me know.