"Access to Microsoft Teams is monitored" - Timesout


Hi all,


Could you point me in the right direction here, please. We have MCAS in place mostly for session-based policies, however, when attempting to load Teams, it sits on this page going around until it eventually times out:


Seems to impact SharePoint too, but Exchange, OneDrive, etc seem fine.


I believe due to this that the Teams and Sharepoint apps aren't showing under Conditional Access app control apps:



My conditional access policy is scoped to the 'Office 365' apps.


Sometimes the above pages don't appear and it goes through with the session-based policies working fine but it is inconsistent. I'm tested on edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc, the same inconsistent issue is present.


MCAS tenant is located in West Europe (EU1)

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Hello Durrante,

Could you please check your licensing to be sure you have an active subscription which contains MCAS and have it assigned to your users?
Do you have any other Conditional Access policy assigned to Sharepoint and could you disable this policy to test if this is causing any problems?
Also, could you maybe recreate the Office 365 connector in MCAS?

If these conditions have been met, I would advice you to create a support ticket with Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams only appears after MCAS detects activity for the first time so this is expected behavior.
Hi Durrante,

I have the exact same problem as you.
Did you managed to fix it?
In my case I think the difference is that in mobile Teams is working perfectly fine but in our devices it only works for a time after the installation and in the web version is not working even in my personal computer showing the same error about Third Party cookies not enabled (but they are enabled)
Hi there, if I remember rightly, it was really inconsistent so we turned off the notification within the global settings.