O365 Cloud App Security - Connected Apps not available?

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Hi, I think I'm missing something very obvious.. I'm trying to connect O365 Apps to Cloud App Security but "connected apps" is not listed under "investigate" (Activity log and App permissions are only available)? any idea what I'm doing wrong or prerequisite I've missed?




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Hi Wayne,

O365 is connected automatically when you get an O365 CAS tenant created, you dont need to connect anything manually.




Thanks Dima, I was onsite with a client and they added sharepoint to their CAS and it was a super dashboard - similar look to Sharegate. I cant find the same on O365 CAS - Would they be using Microsoft CAS that provides this connected app function?




I've just logged into a Demo Site and can see Cloud App Security has Connected Apps. looks like this is function/license limit with O365 CAS.

Yep, connecting additional apps is a CAS feature.
You can find the full comparison here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cloud-app-security/editions-cloud-app-security-o365