No Security Alerts in Azure Defender


Hi community,


For some or other reason I've stopped seeing Security Alerts in Azure Defender. This is not typical for this environment.




I have Owner permissions on the subscription, and Standard pricing applied across the environment. I can see the devices in MDATP.


Any idea why no security alerts will be displayed in here, and any suggestions on how I can test to make sure things are all good?




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@SebastiaanR Did you check pricing&settings? When you click your subscription, you see the settings:


In data collection you should have a workspace (I also have in continuous export a workspace configured)


You could test on a VM by opening up PowerShell, and typing "invoke-webrequest -OutFile" which tries to download a test-virus on your VM (harmless). You should see stuff happening in ASC

Thanks for the response.

As mentioned, I've confirmed that standard pricing is enabled, and a workspace is configured. Everything used to work without any issue.
I'll keep an eye on any alerts when performing the test you mentioned.